4 Sleep Tips For Holiday Traveling with An Infant From Sleep Specialist Cara of Taking Cara Babies

4 Sleep Tips For Holiday Traveling with An Infant  From Sleep Specialist Cara of Taking Cara Babies

I know how busy things can get over a holiday weekend and the last thing we want is our kid’s sleep pattern to change. Sleep is crucial is our house ( ABC’s of Sleep with Cara of ” Taking Cara Babies ). So I asked Cara Dumaplin founder of Taking Cara Babies to give us her holiday SLEEP tips to keep baby’s sleep on track. 

4 Sleep Tips For Holiday Traveling with An Infant  From Sleep Specialist Cara of Taking Cara Babies

Recreate your baby’s bedroom wherever you spend your night

The holidays are a special time to make lasting memories with your family. Adding a sweet baby to the mix multiplies the JOY, but it can also multiply the stress. Here are a few simple tips to help you enjoy your baby-filled holiday while still protecting your sleep and sanity:

Whether you’re going out of town or staying for a late night at grandma’s house, try to replicate your baby’s normal bedtime surroundings as closely as possible. Don’t forget your sound machine, lovey, several pacifiers, sleep sack/swaddle, and even his own crib sheet for the Pack ‘n Play. If your baby is used to sleeping in a DockATot or Rock ‘n Play, make sure to take it with you!

Sometimes a dark room can be hard to find while you’re traveling, so we love this Snooze Shade or these travel black-out blinds so you can keep your baby from waking with that early morning light.

Keep the same bedtime routine even outside of your own house

A familiar bedtime routine tells your baby’s brain that sleep is coming, just like normal. If you typically give a mini massage, dress in jammies, feed her, and then read a book before placing her in the crib, continue to do that while you’re out of the house. If you need to shorten the routine, make sure to keep a few familiar elements. This predictable series of events remind her that it’s bedtime, even if her surroundings are slightly different. Consistency is so important!

Holiday Party Hack: If you’re not sleeping over, do your bedtime routine before placing your little one into the carseat. This can make the transfer to the crib much easier.

Try to protect one solid nap per day

During the holidays, it’s so tempting to fill the schedule with as many visits and activities as possible. You don’t want to miss out. However, an overtired baby can turn all of your coordinated fun and memories into a mess. For babies with more than one nap a day, attempt to get a solid morning nap in a Pack ’n Play or crib (instead of on-the-go). Send someone out for coffee or cinnamon rolls or snuggle by the fire while protecting that important rest for your baby. Starting the day rested can allow future naps to happen in the car seat, in grandma’s arms, or in the stroller while you sneak in that last bit of holiday shopping.

Remember: All that activity can be so exhausting for you and your little one! Watch sleepy cues for naps, and check out our blog post on Nap Schedules 5-25 months. If naps are short or happen on the go, bedtime may need to be earlier than usual.

Make memories

If you have been consistent at home with your baby’s sleep, now is the time to let go a bit. Relax and have fun; enjoy your family time. This is such a special time with your family and friends. Your baby can get back on track when you return home. If baby sleep is a mess before you add in the holidays, we can help with that too!

For more help with travel, hosting for the holidays, or baby sleep, visit their website. Taking Cara Babies exists to help you get baby sleeping so that your whole family can thrive.

Embracing My Mom Bod

unnamed-1Over the last few years I have really started to see my body as a piece of artwork. I only started to view it this way after I had my daughter. Watching my body carry and give birth to a baby allowed me to give myself some grace in the body image department.

A mother’s body, is beautifully and wonderfully made, I only wish I could have learned this type of grace when I was younger. The struggle to have positive body image has plagued my life since before I can remember. I was never thin enough or toned enough. I always had to many stretch marks and cellulite. This toxic thing called “PERFECTION” ate away at my soul little by little.

I recently shared a guest post on the website KNOW.BE.RAISE, about my journey to loving and accepting my ever changing body. Our bodies help shape our lives and tell our stories. I hope by sharing my story, it will encourage women everywhere to embrace their mom bod.  Head to KNOW. BE. RAISE to read the full post and interview questions.

xo- Whitney

Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Mini

Growing up my mom had a sweet little gift for us every Valentines day, yup she was that mom and it was awesome! So I wanted to keep that tradition going, so I’m now that mom too! Here are some easy and fun V-Day gifts for your mini at every age!

Ps. I had to show off little B from last Valentines day. My hubby was deployed so we sent him a fun box of goodies and some cute photos of his girls!

Valentines Mini Gift Guide

 Valentines inflatable unicorn gift  Valentines Junk Food Valentine tee

Valentines Oriental Trading Plush Hearts  Valentines Very Hungry Caterpillar Book

Valentines States Puzzle   Valentines Castle

Valentines Classics book set

Inflatable Valentine Unicorn Ring Toss Game
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Tee
50 States – Puzzle Within a Puzzle
Love From The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Plush Conversation Hearts
Epic Castle Playhouse
Complete Puffin Classics – Set of 11

January Things I’m Currently Loving.

Janurary Things I'm Currently Loving

Cozy Sweater and Distressed Jeans

Janurary Things I'm Currently Loving                                          Janurary Things I'm Currently Loving

Happy Wednesday Friends!

I put together a list of all the things I’m currently crushing on. I would love to know what’s inspiring you at the moment, too! Comment below!


Asos: Jeans and Denim for Tall Girl! Yes, Please!

Vici: Hibernate Pocketed Zip Cardigan it’s like living in your robe.

The Spring 2018 Trends are here and very interesting. Thoughts?


This Mongolian Faux Fur Blanket: Project 62 is out of this world. Thanks Target!

Tone it Up: I really want to tone up this year so I’m now a Tone It Up Girl and loving it!

Think Dirty App: Scan the barcode on your product and you will receive a rating of 0 (clean!) to 10 (dirty). It’s amazing you’ll find yourself scanning everything in sight.


One Word: Influenster ( look for more info in an upcoming post)

Kerastase: Fibre architecte reconstructing serum for weak hair and damaged hair. Because after years of hair extensions my hair needs some major love.

LANCER: The Method is a skin game changer. My skin has never felt smoother. Yes, it’s a little pricey but worth it. Try out the limited addition mini set at Sephora and see what you think. 


Starbucks: New L.O.V.E reusable cup just makes me happy.

Smartygirlbrand: I’m all about girls being girly girls but girls can still like chemistry and Dinos, right! These unique leggings are going to be a staple in Blakely’s wardrobe. Go swoon over their Instagram

Sweatandmilk: My good friend just posted about these luxury bras for nursing mamas. I looked everywhere for fashionable nursing bras and found nothing. For baby #2 I’m stocking up.




Being A Girl Mom

Women trendsetters

Being a girl mom is so special. There is a Blakely and I have a connection that I didn’t even know was out there. Like every mom I am constantly thinking about who she is gonna be when she is older and how I can help shape her. One thing I want her to know is she always has a voice, and she should use that voice. 

Gosh I feel it you guys, this year is going to be another big year for women. More than ever I feel we need to be women trendsetters our daughters. This topic has been on my mind the last week especially probably because I’ve been reading about Nellie Ross. If you don’t know who she is well you are about to find out! 

People who know me will tell you I am so proud to be American. I am also proud to come from the great state of Wyoming! Wyoming is a state that is often over looked but people should know Wyoming was a trendsetter for women’s rights. January 5, 1925 Nellie Ross was elected the first woman governor in the nation, talk about a trendsetter for women! She was known as “ever feminine, never a feminist” and a woman in politics who had not “lost her womanliness.”  Interesting Right!!! 

So we all agree 2017 was a POWERFUL year for females everywhere! My hope in 2018 is that women can continue to be positive trendsetters for women’s rights. We need to keep encouraging women everywhere to be outspoken in what they want at work, home, in relationships, in our kids school and even what we see on the pages of fashion magazines! As a woman and a mom to a beautiful little girl, I know it is my job to instill this trendsetter attitude in her mind and heart.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

xo- Whitney

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Mom and Daughter

This Just Got Real, Self Acceptance in 2018

Self Acceptance- Positively Posie
Happy New Years Eve Friends!!
I hope your holiday season has been wonderful, it has been so fun around here!
I can’t believe tomorrow will be 2018, this year flew by. I am not a huge fan of New Years resolutions, but in 2018 I really feel like I need a LIFE resolution, not just a New Years resolution.

Self Acceptance is something that I have never had, I’ve struggled my whole life with my ever changing body which led me to an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. As a mom I play such an important role in my little girl’s life, mama is who she looks up too! If I can’t learn self acceptance of my body, how can I teach Blakely to love and accept herself! I have a feeling 2018 will be filled with a lot of personal growth and maybe some tears. Lets just say it will be a big year for us and I’m looking forward to it.

Have a great time ringing in the NEW YEAR, I’ll see you in 2018!
xo- Whitney
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Self Acceptance - Positively Posie
Shirt: HERE
Leggings: HERE

The Ultimate Momiform, Lets Be Honest It’s A Must

Ultimate Momiform

Today it’s all about the 5 items you need to make the Ultimate Momiform!! The Momiform changes with the seasons so for a perfect winter momiform, you’ll need a basic cozy sweater, the perfect bag, great pair of jeans, and of course comfy shoes!! Click the Pictures to SHOP!

A cozy sweater should be a staple in every women’s closet, living San Diego my closet is starting to fill up with them. Here are two of my faves that are easy to pair with any denim or leggings .They truly make for a great staple piece for your closet.

Second every women and mom needs a killer bag! I actually never carried a real baby bag. I will admit I bought a great Tory Bruch baby bag but I always just went back to carrying a big cheap reversible tote or a backpack! I guess I am not the traditional mom in the baby bag department! Click the photos to shop my favorite bags!!!!

We all need a great pair of denim– distressed denim happens to be my favorite right now! You can’t go wrong with a good pair of distressed jeans. My favorite picks are cozy & stretchy which is what you need as mom, heck it’s what every woman wants!

And to top off the perfect momiform, you need definitely a comfy and cute shoe. I happen to be obsessed with Targets shoes, my recent favorites have all come from Target! Click the pictures to SHOP!

Let me know your Momiform essentials, maybe I need to add something to mine!

xo- Whitney


Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 1.29.18 PM       Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 1.28.06 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 1.53.48 PM.png     Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 1.51.37 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 1.55.18 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.04.27 PM.png    Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.09.25 PM  Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.20.33 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.18.13 PM  Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.19.08 PM  Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.17.45 PM

Hope you’ve had a great weekend and I hope you all have fun shopping for your new momiform!!

xx- Whitney

Mom and Baby – Anytime GIFT GUIDE


We are half way through December Friends and only 10 days until Christmas! This year I wanted to take time and put together a fun gift guide that truly can be used year around! So here is my ANYTIME OF THE YEAR gift guide for Mom and Baby!

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

1 (7).png

  1. If I were to buy an adult lovey it would be a Slumberkins– seriously can’t wait to get our next baby one of these cuties!
  2. A New Day Backless loafers Mule, the best loafer I have ever owned! So comfy!
  3. Girl’s Gotta Dream Alexander McQueen studded skull backpack as a diaper bag, fun fact this site let’s you borrow and buy!
  4. Melissa and Doug Everything! Blakely is getting their cleaning set for Christmas, we are thinking the kitchen and food for her Birthday 😉
  5. Ouai essential kit, I love their dry shampoo… hands down it’s the best!
  6. I’ve recently become an OLD NAVY lover, these PJS are everything and they are $18 what a steal!
  7. OMG I mean, a Palm Springs inspired playhouse, need I say more?
  8. A cozy chunky blanket is always a great gift
  9. Every girl needs a pretty watch and this Olivia Burton Big Dial Watch is affordable and stunning!

What did I tell you….a few fun gifts that are perfect for Mom or Baby ANYTIME of the year! See I GOT YOU!

ABC’s of Sleep with Sleep Specialist- Cara of Taking Cara Babies

When I was 9 months pregnant I remember telling myself, “Whitney sleep as much as you can right now because when you have Blakely you’re never gonna sleep again.”

Skip ahead 11 months, my husband was deployed and I still had a baby waking up 3-4 times a night. Blakely insisted on being fed to sooth herself back to sleep. I felt like I hadn’t sleep in months. 

I was a ZOMBIE– I knew I needed some outside help and I was lucky to find a sleep consultant, Cara of  Taking Cara Babies

Cara is based out of Arizona, some of you AZ moms may have taken her “Will I Ever Sleep Again?” class that is offered at Modern Milk in Scottsdale. This class is intended for expecting parents and those with babies under 12 weeks. For those of us who don’t live in Arizona, you can purchase the online version of this class on her website. I will definitely be taking this class with our next baby, whenever that might be!

Back to our story: since Blakely was already 11 months old, the “Will I Ever Sleep Again?” class didn’t meet our needs. Luckily, Cara has created something for babies 5-24 months, called The ABC’s of Sleep.


Maybe your baby has never been a great sleeper, or you recently traveled and their sleep pattern has changed. GUYS–whatever the circumstance is, The ABC’s of Sleep is designed for you. This program is incredible and something that you can fall back on when life happens, so let me break it down for you!

The ABC’s of sleep program helps guide you with a step-by-step plan to help your baby sleep 10-12 hours a night in their crib. Cara will break down how to conquer night sleep, weaning night feedings, and conquering naps.

Below is what you will get with the ABC’s of Sleep program and a few very important tips I’ve learned from Cara along the way!



Obviously, every baby is so different that’s why the ABC’s of Sleep Class has 3 options to fit your needs.  There is also a private Facebook group that allows parents to chat and support one another– SO cool!

This program is worth every penny, especially if you are like me and not one of those people that can live on a few hours of sleep. With this program you will remain actively involved in the process, and before you know it your little one will transition from a dependent sleeper to an independent sleeper.

For my husband and I the big issue was tackling “night feedings”. NO LIE: with Cara’s plan I was able to fully wean Blakely off of night feeding in 10 days. Thanks to ABC’s of Sleep Class, Blakely was sleeping 11- 12 hours a night 2 weeks into the program. Literally, I type this with a huge smile on my face, because this class was life changing.

Lets Talk Naps Real Quick

My little one continued to take 2 naps a day until she was 18 months old, and still takes one nap at 3.5 years. I truly believe this is because we gave her a great sleep foundation with Cara’s entire plan.  Now, still at 3.5 years old she still takes a 2 hour nap each day and sleeps 10 hours a night. Is your MIND BLOWN yet?


Life Happens. I’ve learned from Cara that lots of things impact our kids sleep. One of the benefits of having a good sleeper is when my baby’s sleep is suddenly disrupted, I know there is a DEEPER issue happening. I’ve posted few of my favorite blog posts and Instagram posts of Cara’s. I constantly refer back to when life happens.

Blog #1: Day Light Savings Help

Blog#2: Sleep and Sick Season

Instagram #1: Ear infection?

Instagram #2: Who Needs a Nap?


A sound machine is a must have… END OF STORY! She is now 3.5 years and still uses one, we have just turned down the volume to a more comfortable level.


Bed time routines are SO important because it cues your baby’s brain that it’s time for bed. It’s not what you do but how you do it. KEEP it simple, calm and consistent! Our routine consists of a 10-15 minute bath, then into her room where the sound machine is already running, we lotion and slather on some young living, read 3-4 books and then into her crib. She rolls around for a few minutes, but is usually asleep in 10 minutes with no crying.


Don’t give up–it’s not to late to get your baby sleeping in their own crib or sleeping in long stretches! My daughter was 11 months old when we implemented Cara’s plan. Guys, I’ll say it again this plan was LIFE CHANGING! This blog post doesn’t even do justice to how life changing this class could be for you and your baby.  A healthy sleep foundation for your baby means a better quality of life for you and your family.

WHERE TO FIND Cara of ” Taking Cara Babies “
Instagram       Website        Facebook 

Things I’m glad I knew before having a C-Section, Let’s Talk About It All

Hey Friends and I have been wanting to write this post for awhile but I have been putting it off because there is just so much information to share with you.

First, I should tell you I had a little bit of an advantage going into my c-section being a nurse. However, I don’t specialize in woman’s health so a lot of things were still new to me.

I want to share with you things I knew and/or learned throughout my c-section journey, so if you end up needing to have a c-section you don’t feel completely helpless and overwhelmed with whats to come.

I’m also sharing my personal photos leading up to and in the c-section in hopes to take away some of the fear that comes with having a c-section, for me it was best (meeting B) and easiest day of my life.


How can I prepare my body for the C-Section

As a nurse I knew that the pubic area is going to need to be shaved and prepped for surgery. They will help you shave prior to surgery or for me I felt more comfortable taking care of that at home by myself. Another issue post c-section is that constipation. I hear SOOO many woman tell me how awful pooping was post vaginal birth/c-section. I addressed this early on in my pregnancy with my doctor and my little trick (**Obviously, I’m not a doctor so talk to your doctor and get their approval before starting any medication**) was to take 1-2 Colace (stool softener) 1/2 weeks prior to surgery. This was a lifesaver for me and saved me from being in a lot of pain post baby. Lastly,

ONE VERY IMPORTANT TIP during the prepping stage. ***  there’s controversy and studies happening around this next tip but I am still going to tell you  about it and then you can research it and have a chat with your doctor. In the past if you had allergies to shellfish (fish, crab etc)  it was important NOT to be prepped with iodine. IODINE is a solution that is commonly used as a skin disinfectant to prep the skin before surgery. It was said and known in the medical world that people with allergies to shellfish often had a reaction to iodine. Again, talk to your doctor about any ALLERGIES prior to surgery, better safe than sorry! 

Anesthesia tell me EVERYTHING

So I’m gonna break this down into simple lingo. TWO main possibilities for anesthesia when having a baby 1. Epidural which is most commonly used in vaginal births, they will leave a tiny catheter( *you can’t feel it or notice it) in your back, that way you will receive a constant infusion medication for as long as your labor lasts 2. Spinal (which is what I had) is a one time injection that that kicks in quickly, but will only last a few hours. It was a super weird sensation when it kicked in, from my belly down. Everything was super warm and all of the sudden heavy and numb!


  1. Tell your nurse or anesthesiologist if you are prone to getting nauseous or itchy with anesthesia. If you let them know in PRE OP they will give you a couple medications to combat those.
  2. Lastly, you will have a catheter placed because you obviously don’t have control of your bladder when you have your epidural or spinal. I made it known that I wanted it to be placed after the spinal was done, that way I didn’t feel anything. The more you are educated about the c-section process it allows you to be your own ADVOCATE and to be VOCAL about what you want throughout the entire process. The hospital staff will then do their best to accommodate you!

Will I be strapped down? 

I asked about this right away because that is something I am not comfortable with, and some doctors do prefer it. I knew that I wanted my hands free because it gave me a sense of control and I could hold my husband hand if I needed too!

What is the incision like? 

I spoke with my doctor in her office prior to the c-section about what I was hoping for and I was very firm about needing to know all the details regarding the incision. There are a few different types of incisions, so it is important to clarify what your doctors prefers. I had a super low transverse aka horizontal incision. This is what I asked for probably 100 times, give me as “LOW and SMALL” incision. Also remember to get the 411 on your stitches…. I think that was the oddest part of my incision, I could feel the dissolvable stitches under my skin and it was kind of “knotty”. I was soooo worried that I was gonna have a lumpy incision.  My doctor told me that those stitches will dissolve and when she gave me the go ahead I would use light heat and soft massaging of my incision. And after a month or two the incision is perfect and smooth!


Once I was cleared by my doctor I used Scarguard to help my incision scar be as flat and noticeable as possible. Scarguard definitely helped my scar flatten out and I think it is worth the $25.00.

Can I do skin to skin with my baby in the OR? 

This was the hardest part about having a c-section, letting go of that image of snuggling and holding my baby right away. As you can see from the photo they let Blakely stay cheek to cheek with me for 10-15 mins after the birth, while the doctor was still working on me. I still was able to hold her and to be honest it was the most special moment of my life, I am tearing up just writing this. So work with your doctor and the nurses at the hospital to come up with a plan to have some form of skin-to-skin contact. It is said that skin- skin between moms and babies directly following birth has a ton of benefits, including an increased likelihood of breastfeeding success. unnamed-10.jpgunnamed-9.jpgImage 5.jpg

These are just a few of my tips I learned from my c-section journey. I encourage ALL mamas even if they aren’t planning on having a c-section to still be educated on the process, talk to your doctor about everything. You never know what will happen and it is better to educated yourself so you can be prepared for both a vaginal or a c- section.

If you have an questions please leave me comment of DM me on Instagram, I am an open book and always willing to chat about this.

– – find me on Instagram