4 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair// With 5 Minute Tutorials

If you have been around here awhile you know I love hair extensions, specifically Klix Hair Extensions. (Read my post all about Klix.. Here)  but I rarely do anything fancy with my hair just simple beach waves. Well as of recent I have been branching out and trying new looks. Here are four of my favorite hairstyles with 5 minute tutorials. And I promise if I can do these hairstyles ANYONE can do them!

Amber Fillerup inspired- WRAPPED LOW BRAID

braid tutorialbraid tutorial

Khole Kardashion inspired- HALF UP PONYTAIL


Amber Fillerup inspired- Bubble Braid or Bubble Pony

hair tutorial

Amber Fillerup inspired Beach Waves- My Everyday Look

beach waves hair tutorialbeach waves hair tutorial

My Personal Tips

  1. Not everyone has really thick extensions to make the braids look big and thick, so make sure to tease the base of your hair and all the way down, then just tame and smooth for extra volume. Then your ready to get started.
  2. On the wrapped braid I like to use a clear rubber band over the section wrapped around the base of my pony instead of a bobby pen. It sounds weird but it actually works to keep it in place better and it doesn’t show.
  3. The cheaper the curling iron the better, it’s true the curls are the beachest the cheaper the iron.
  4.  For those perfect beach waves hair spray is a must, I spray and brush each sections before I curl. The curls truly hold much longer!

Happy Hairstyling Friends!

Super Easy Hair Tutorial, Overnight Beach Waves

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I freaking love beach hair, that oh hey I just came from the salty water and I have the sweetest little beach waves now.

I’m finally getting around to posting this Beach Wave Tutorial. As most of you know I have KLIX extensions in my hair(previous post), so I constantly have my hair curled just to make sure that it’s blended all the time ( and I just love the look ).

If I’m being honest here, I am not a fan of my hair being super straight. But I literally HATE having to use heat on my hair everyday.  So I often do this over night Beach Wave routine because there is no heat involved and guys its soooo easy, if I can do it anyone can.

So here we go… I simply take my wet hair and brush it out and divided it into 3 portioned sections.  I make sure that I don’t have it a part down the middle, I find that slicking it all back gives me more volume the next day.

Then I do a simple braid... just the standard old fashion braid but I make sure it is done super tight.I have to admit I suck at braids so I have to do it over like 5 times but eventually it is tight and looks good.

Make sure that you don’t braid to the very end of your hair, for those beach waves you want to leave a 1-2 inches out at the end for that really relaxed looked.

Then sleep in it over night the next day, take out the braid and make sure you toss you hair around, but whatever you do,  DON’T brush through it use your fingers or a wide tooth comb if needed.

For the final touches I use Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray to give it that great volume and beach texture. I spray it at the root and then do what the fabulous Jen Atkin calls the “Butterfly Trick”, grab most of your hair on one side and spray and fan it out shake ( see her tricks here ).

I then just make sure the top section of of my hair has the same texture and curl so I often spray a little Sachajuan Ocean Mist, 5 Ounce” Sachajuan Ocean Mist which gives texture for a “beach” look and feel !

This is so easy and truly will give you such great beach waves, try it out and let me know what you think!


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset