5 Best Self Tanners For A Natural Glow

IMG_3144.JPGAs an Arizona girl I am all about sunscreen or at least since being in my mid 20’s I have been all about sunscreen. The days of sitting out in the sun just to “SunTan” are over for me, who wants age spots and wrinkles for the rest of their life. NO ONE! I have been doing at-home-self tanners for years now and I think I have found a few that will get you that healthy-looking glow.

I have one tanner that is easy for travel situations, another that is pregnancy safe, two that build-able everyday lotions and lastly my ALL TIME FAVORITE tanning mousse. I have used all of these at one time and they are great in their own way!

Tan Towel: The TanTowel towelettes are infused with a clear self-tanning formula that goes on really easy with no mess (Just remember to wash you hands after applying). I throw a couple in my makeup bag while I’m traveling and reapply when I feel like that glow is disappearing.  They come in two sizes: Large for (full body) which is what I use all the time and regular size (half body) is for perfect for touching up your arms and legs. 5 full body towelettes cost $29.00, so I only buy them before we are headed on vacation (ON SALE now if you click the link )

NKD SKN Tan While I was pregnant I was very cautious (like most mamas) about what I used on my skin. But this product is 100% natural and odorless( it really is), a highly nourishing self tan mousse. It is 100% natural DHA and is free from perfumes, parabens/alcohol and it is infused with aloe vera, melon and lychee. It really is a great way to go if you want a nice tan while pregnant. The one thing I noticed about this product was the mousse didn’t apply as easy as other mousse tanners. I expected it to glide on and spread nicely but I really had to work to spread it all over. I felt like I used a lot more mousse than normal to make sure every inch of skin was covered evenly ($19.99 on Amazon…mitt not included).

Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer this is what I consider an affordable tan $9.99 per bottle and great if you like to build up to your preferred tan. It does take about the three days to get some nice color and it provides lots of moisture to your skin. I definitely make sure to rub this product in well because I have had a major streaking incident before.

Clarins Self Tanning Lotion has the most wonderful light scent, it is light weight and never has left my skin greasy or sticky. I never have had any streaks issues with Clarins but it does take a few days to build up that nice summer glow. I love this tanning lotion because no one would ever know that your wearing self tanner because it smells that good! It is a perfect choice for those who wish to maintain a year-round tanned appearance and smell delicious!

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse is my all time favorite tanner! The reason is I have had the most success with….no streaks…the tan stays on for about a 7-10 days…and I can control the depth of tan by how long I leave it on…1 hr = light sunkissed glow 2 hrs = medium golden tan 3 hrs = deep dark bronze. With any mousse tanner always remember to use a mitt and I like to wash my hands careful and blend in areas by my wrists, knees and elbows. The bottle is a little expensive but surprisingly will last you a long time.

FADE THOSE STRETCH MARKS for a week or so (see previous post on stretch marks). Self tanners definitely can help with hiding stretch marks. First, make sure to always exfoliate your skin before you apply any tanner, exfoliation and hydration are 2 of the 3 important tricks to hiding stretch marks. Trick #3 is to apply tanner as normal and then do some detail work by dipping a foundation/smaller brush into the self-tanning mousse painting over your stretch marks to give those white lines even more color. It takes a little more time but when done right can really help fade those stretch marks.

Let me know your favorite self tanners, I love trying outnew ones!

Happy Self Tanning!!

4th of July in Wyoming and A Few Things I Learned as a Mom


We took a mini vacation over the 4th to the beautiful land of Cody, Wyoming! My airport style was surprise surprise…. a great target tee and of course my  90’s throwback choker now! Gosh I’m the queen of tees (usually graphic and the black chokers).

Talk about the cutest and most patriotic town ever, there is no better place to spend America’s Birthday! We had the best time staying at the historic yet chic (seriously, guys the best hotel) Chamberlin Inn, which is right off main street! We ate and drank our way through Cody’s great restaurants, one of them being “the local.” And Blakely took part in her first parade and rodeo…it was so much fun but exhausting.

(Rocking my Posie+Co besties+champagne tank)

IMG_2642.JPGIMG_2681.JPGIMG_2850.JPGIMG_2855.JPGIMG_2858.JPGI know this isn’t new to some of you but it’s tough traveling with kids especially one that still takes 2 naps and just can’t sit still. I really realized on this trip that unfortunately as “mom” I might miss out on a few things. And when vacationing I need to let go of the “schedule”.  Make the best of each adventure and situation. This isn’t easy for me but what helped was really being prepared packing wise. When you think you have enough snacks pack some more and same goes for toys and distractions like “bubbles”.
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Sunglasses:Woman’s Retro   Jeans: McguireIMG_2730.JPGIMG_2737.JPGIMG_2933.JPG

USA Tee: Modern Lux Women’s USA Americana Tank Navy Blue – Modern Lux (Juniors’) • $14.99
“>Target Shorts: HM Black IMG_2904.JPGIMG_3003.JPGIMG_2907.JPGIMG_2936.JPGMadewell: Striped Tie-Back Tee

July Beauty Budget Picks

7CE86A02-1A56-4B14-8910-1EF5D6950E84.jpgHappy July Friends… Sorry I have been MIA! I have been traveling and working on a few new ventures. But as you all know I love my beauty budget picks  (<—-shop May/June’s Picks) and I have some great ones to share with you!

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Foundation 30ml .. is a new favorite foundation. My Target store here in So Cal actually has a rep in the store on Friday and Saturdays to color match you and answer any questions. It is a medium coverage and goes on so smooth and I love that it has SPF 15 in already in it… I am pretty fair unless I have tanner on so I use Cool Ivory.

Boots Botanics Facial Oil 0.84 Fl Oz / 25 Ml (Pack of 1)“>Botanics Nourishing facial oil 100% organic with Rosehip is one of the BEST finds ever. I have super dry skin and a lot of the times moisturizers are to heavy and clog my pores. This oil is hydrates and truly locks in moisture for hours, I use right it under my foundation and it also gives my face a smooth finish. It’s infused with Rosehip oil, which is rich in omegas and essential fatty acids, and let me tell you it smells amazing!

L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Primer Mascara, Primer, 0.24 Fluid Ounce“>L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Primer is my go to budget primer for my eyes. I will admit I love Christian Dior Diorshow Maximizer 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer, 0.33 Ounce“>Dior 3D Triple Volume lash primer and Mac False Lashes Maximizer – WHITE“>M·A·C False Lashes Maximizer. But for the price L’Oréal primer does the trick and it does it well!

L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Paints Eyeliner, Black Party, 0.03 Fluid Ounce“>Infallible Paints Liquid Eyeliner goes on so smooth, smoother than any liquid eyeliner I have ever used. And it comes in multiple vibrant shades that are really fun to play with, definitely worth the $9.99.

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6 Bloggers Instagrams to Follow

unnamed-13.jpgI won’t even deny that Instagram has slowly become my favorite social media platform. I just love it because Instagram isn’t about posting a long opinionated post but it’s all about the eye candy. IG feeds society’s visual nature, it allows you to discover inspiring people, places, fashion trends and just see what your friends are up too! Here are a few of my favorites right now. Take time to follow these bloggers and Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Name: Kristen Grace // Blog: TheEveryDayGrace// Instagram: kgrace01

Name: Christine // Blog: Hello Fashion Blog // Instagram: @hellofashionblog

Name: Kaitlynn // Blog: Kaitlynncarter// Instagram: KaitlynnCarter

Name: Rachel  // Blog: PinkPenoies // Instagram: @rachparcell

Name: Corrine // Blog: MintArrow// Instagram: MintArrow

Name: Kailee // Blog: Kaileewright  // Instagram: KAILEEWRIGHT

5 Top Online Videos for Toned Arms

Look no further… I have put together my FIVE favorite arm chiseling workouts videos! All these workouts will help strengthen and sculpt every single inch of your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back. To get those chiseled arms even faster it’s important to include some high intensity cardio into your workouts! To lean out our bodies we must burn MAJOR calories to help boost our metabolism. Check out favorite Cardio Workout Videos online HERE! DON’T forget to  Follow my blog with Bloglovin

OMG… 90’s shoes are back

unnamed.jpgMe in the 90’s freaking out over some Dr. Martens… GOSH the 90’s were the best!

There were so many great fashion trends in the 90’s it is hard to keep track… from chokers to grunge like flannel shirts and then there were the shoes.… How amazing were the shoes! I am here to say the fabulous shoes from the 90s are back (Cue the Spice Girls music). I 100% owned and still have a few of these styles in my old closet at my parents house, it’s funny how trends always come back around. This is one trend that we’re glad to see making a comeback.

Have fun SHOPPING my summer favorites, all of them can be found at NORDSTROM - Choose 3 Free Samples with your Beauty Purchase

1 (3).png

1.Steve Madden Slinky 2.Top Shop 3.Steve Madden 4.Steve Madden Platform 5.BP Platform 6. RocketDog Copa 7. Steve Madden Gigi 8. Puma Jelly Sandel  9. Steve Madden Wedge 10.Birkenstock Arizona Birko- Flor Soft

1 (4).png

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