5 At-Home Yoga Workouts to Channel Your Inner Yogi


Hey guys! I’m excited to share with you my love for yoga!! Since having my daughter I only practice at home, but at home yoga workouts are the best! It’s important to mix up your daily fitness regime with gentler routines, like yoga! Whatever level your at in your fitness game, yoga is great for all. Why do yoga? Well it will help you improve flexibility, core strength and posture but it’s also a great way de-stress and connect to your body!

Check out my top five favorite yoga workouts. I hope you enjoy these routines and they revive your spirit!!

(The Best Thing Ever..doing an hour of hot yoga and come out to snow!)


How I got my body back with FIT4Mom


So as most of you know I am huge fan of at home workouts. Doing workout videos is how I lost the initial baby weight and it gave me some of my initial tone back. After awhile it was getting harder and harder to squeeze in a really good workout during Blakely’s morning nap, thats is when I found FIT4MOM Chula Vista. It was through FIT4MOM  that I got my true body back, I am more toned and lighter than I have ever been! FIT4MOM is an incredible fitness group for moms who don’t want to leave their babe(s) behind at a gym daycare. At FIT4MOM you will find a community of women who are all there to support one another, have some fun and get fit. I love that their workouts have a level for the novice and a level for workout veterans. You can alway count on instructors to give you different options to fit your fitness level. Here is what you can expect when you attend your first class. We always start in a circle and introduce ourselves while warming up. We then leave the park and go to 2-or 3 different stations. At those stations we might do strength training with bands or some cardio activities.  FIT4MOM is more than just fitness to me, I have found an amazing community of strong women and some incredible friendships. It has given me the support system I needed as a new mom, and it has helped me find strength in myself and in motherhood. If your interested in knowing more about FIT4MOM Chula Vista  or another FIT4MOM  around the country please contact ambercarroll@fit4mom.com , she will connect you with the correct franchisee for your area!

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5 Top Online Videos for Toned Arms

Look no further… I have put together my FIVE favorite arm chiseling workouts videos! All these workouts will help strengthen and sculpt every single inch of your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back. To get those chiseled arms even faster it’s important to include some high intensity cardio into your workouts! To lean out our bodies we must burn MAJOR calories to help boost our metabolism. Check out favorite Cardio Workout Videos online HERE! DON’T forget to  Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Best Cardio Workout Videos Online

Relax, unwind.pngGuys, like I have told you before I am a big fan of at home workouts. I don’t have the energy to pack up my kid everyday and head to the gym and a gym membership today can be very expensive. The truth is you don’t need the gym, because of the internet you can find workout videos to help get you ready for Summer!

All you need is space in your home where you can move and sweat, a computer, yoga mat, and to kick it up a notch 3-7 lbs weights. If you are just beginning or like me ( I have a bad hip) they often show modifications for many of the exercises, so use them if you need too!  Get moving and torch those calories!

Hopefully this is helpful and a fun way for you guys to burn some calories, I really have fallen in love with PopSugar at home workouts! Let me know if you have any favorite at home workouts, I am always up for trying something new!


Positively Perfect 5 Day Flat Belly Challenge


Your positively perfect Ab Challenge is here! I am so excited to bring you guys a 5 day Ab challenge to help you get on the path to stronger and more toned abs!

THE TRUTH HURTS: Things I’ve learned over the years…

1. Nutrition is Key… I hate saying it but it is true, there is no way around it! I’ve learned that if you are eating more calories than you burn throughout the day, you will store a layer of fat over those abs and other areas of your body. I’ll say it… yes it sucks! To get the abs you want you must stick to eating clean, lots of lean protein and green foods ( I won’t lie.. I love my occasional glass of wine. )

2. Hydration- I feel like we have all heard that our bodies are made up of 60-70% water. But when you research the importance of water in the body you will learn very quick that water plays a part in almost every function of our body. Water helps deliver nutrients to our muscles, lubricates the joints and helps our  body recover from tough workouts. As a nurse I’ve realized the role of water in the body and I am super passionate about it. So be on the lookout for a blog post all about HYDRATION!

3. HIIT Workouts- Truly, I give credit to HIIT workouts for my post baby weight loss. Doing high energy workouts helped torch the calories and toned me faster than jumping on the elliptical (my old norm) for 30-45 minutes. Head over to my Pinterest page for great Total body/HIIT workouts and jump start your metabolism!

** Remember these are just my personal recommendations (I’m not a MD). Focusing on these 3 things have changed my life in wonderful ways, so I highly encourage people to incorporate them into their lifestyle. along with this AB Challenge.

Let the Ab Challenge Begin…Click the links below to start the challenge with me!

DAY 1: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/194006696429069593/


DAY 2: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/194006696431034054/


DAY 3: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/194006696426356637/


DAY 4: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/194006696431035011/


DAY 5: You’ve made it to day 5! You should be so proud of yourself! So as a little gift for all your hard work I am giving you a 20 min Abs & Cardio HIIT Workout! YOU CAN DO!



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My Current Workout Playlist


A good workout for me includes good music! When I have a great playlist to listen to I put more effort into my workout. I realized how important music is at the gym after I had Miss B! The first couple post baby gym sessions can be discouraging, but my workout playlists made it fun and put pep in my step. So I thought I would share my current workout playlist!

Remember two things– 1. I don’t discriminate, I like all types of music   2. I am a girl of the 90′s….don’t hate!











Happy Working Out!

5 Things To Help Get You Bikini Ready


1. Protein World – The Vanilla Slender plan is a great and healthy way to start off your day.  I really like Protein World’s powder because it tastes so good, but it does contain whey protein. If you want some completely dairy free try the Tone It Up Protein Powder, it has a pretty good taste for being plant based and gluten free.

2. Booty Band– Who doesn’t want a Bootiful Booty. Once I had Miss B I realized that my back side needed some strengthening and toning. I spent ONE month really focusing on squats and using my booty band and let me tell you…. the difference was incredible and it was worth it! Check out my Pinterest page for some amazing booty workouts, you WON’T regret it!

3. Water Water Water- Your kidneys and liver can’t do their job in the body when your not properly hydrated. It is SO important to stay hydrated for your overall health and to help boost your metabolism.

4. Foam Rolling– Pain has never felt so good people. I try to foam roll everyday to help release and lengthen my muscles. If you find yourself going to bed or waking up sore, it’s time to invest in a foam roller.  Head over to my Pinterest page to find some helpful videos that will you through the foam rolling process.

5. Workout in clothes you L.O.V.E ❤️ It’s a fact when you feel good and look good in your workout clothes it boost your overall workout performance ( society is crazy!!). But I agree when I am comfortable in my workout clothes and shoes it helps me push even harder than than usual. I won’t lie there is nothing better than working out in a pair of new Nikes!

Hope these tips help, be sure to check out my 5 favorite at home workout videos for your ARMS, CARDIO, ABS

xo- Whitney