How I got my body back with FIT4Mom


So as most of you know I am huge fan of at home workouts. Doing workout videos is how I lost the initial baby weight and it gave me some of my initial tone back. After awhile it was getting harder and harder to squeeze in a really good workout during Blakely’s morning nap, thats is when I found FIT4MOM Chula Vista. It was through FIT4MOM  that I got my true body back, I am more toned and lighter than I have ever been! FIT4MOM is an incredible fitness group for moms who don’t want to leave their babe(s) behind at a gym daycare. At FIT4MOM you will find a community of women who are all there to support one another, have some fun and get fit. I love that their workouts have a level for the novice and a level for workout veterans. You can alway count on instructors to give you different options to fit your fitness level. Here is what you can expect when you attend your first class. We always start in a circle and introduce ourselves while warming up. We then leave the park and go to 2-or 3 different stations. At those stations we might do strength training with bands or some cardio activities.  FIT4MOM is more than just fitness to me, I have found an amazing community of strong women and some incredible friendships. It has given me the support system I needed as a new mom, and it has helped me find strength in myself and in motherhood. If your interested in knowing more about FIT4MOM Chula Vista  or another FIT4MOM  around the country please contact , she will connect you with the correct franchisee for your area!

unnamed-7.jpgunnamed-1.jpgunnamed-8.jpgPlaygroup after our workout***19247600_10108151662834231_8015072258720766840_n.jpg

Life With A 15 Month Old

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetSO many people said to me before Blakely was born, treasure every moment, every stage, every second. At that time I was like yes.. I know I will. I heard them say it but you don’t realize it until it has already happened that OMG my baby is already 15 months old. I now think about about all those times I wish I could have froze in time. If only we could! I will be the first to admit lately I know I cannot stop time, but I have been making an effort to slow down my days and learn how to treasure even the crazy moments Blakely and I have together.

Around 14 going on 15month I noticed big changes in Blakely. It was like “OK I am here I have arrived in the world, and I am ready to share all my feelings with you Mom and Dad.” We really saw her independence start to develop, she went form helpless in ways to independent. And yes… as a result we started to see extreme swings and “not so good” behavior. We really had to have a “Come to Jesus” moment and realize that the behavior often happens because she think she has the world figured out but she doesn’t yet and her getting frustrated about that is all apart of her developing her identity.

The next big change that is happening as we speak is the transition from two naps to one. I am proud to say we are still doing two naps (most days) thanks to the plan we got from Cara sleep expert from Taking Cara babies (which I am hoping to do a post coming up telling you our experience using her). My major take away from sleep and a 15 month old is having a plan/routine (from birth) and sticking to it. Once we got on the plan from Cara, Blakely gets all rest she needs to make her and me happier throughout the day.  I am dreading the day of having to FULLY transition down to one nap but we can do it!

The other difference that has happened is just how active my little B has become, obviously I knew that this is going happen so each day we try to get outside and do an activity. Three days a week we go to FIT4MOM workout group and other days I try to have a play date or we go to the park to feed the ducks. This summer she has loved playing in this inflatable pool or playing with chalk and bubbles(the hurricane is awesome). Oh the bubbles…. I never thought I would see this many bubbles. BUT it is so much fun being with her and watching her enjoy life and explore the world. What are some of your favorite activities to do with your toddler, let me know in the comments below.



4th of July in Wyoming and A Few Things I Learned as a Mom


We took a mini vacation over the 4th to the beautiful land of Cody, Wyoming! My airport style was surprise surprise…. a great target tee and of course my  90’s throwback choker now! Gosh I’m the queen of tees (usually graphic and the black chokers).

Talk about the cutest and most patriotic town ever, there is no better place to spend America’s Birthday! We had the best time staying at the historic yet chic (seriously, guys the best hotel) Chamberlin Inn, which is right off main street! We ate and drank our way through Cody’s great restaurants, one of them being “the local.” And Blakely took part in her first parade and rodeo…it was so much fun but exhausting.

(Rocking my Posie+Co besties+champagne tank)

IMG_2642.JPGIMG_2681.JPGIMG_2850.JPGIMG_2855.JPGIMG_2858.JPGI know this isn’t new to some of you but it’s tough traveling with kids especially one that still takes 2 naps and just can’t sit still. I really realized on this trip that unfortunately as “mom” I might miss out on a few things. And when vacationing I need to let go of the “schedule”.  Make the best of each adventure and situation. This isn’t easy for me but what helped was really being prepared packing wise. When you think you have enough snacks pack some more and same goes for toys and distractions like “bubbles”.
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Sunglasses:Woman’s Retro   Jeans: McguireIMG_2730.JPGIMG_2737.JPGIMG_2933.JPG

USA Tee: Modern Lux Women’s USA Americana Tank Navy Blue – Modern Lux (Juniors’) • $14.99
“>Target Shorts: HM Black IMG_2904.JPGIMG_3003.JPGIMG_2907.JPGIMG_2936.JPGMadewell: Striped Tie-Back Tee

The Weekend


Splendid (similar): Striped Dress   Splendid(Maternity 57%off): Sleeveless Tie Front

SHOES: Rebecca Minkoff Georgina Studded Gladiator Sandals

For Father’s Day Weekend I decided to take my husband over to Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial. It is considered one of the most unique memorials because it honors the deceased and living veterans. If you are visiting the San Diego area it is definitely worth a stop to honor our veterans and the view isn’t bad either!

It is so special spending Fathers Day together, we are soaking up every minute of it! Over the last few years we haven’t been together for all the holidays. Before we had Blakely I felt like I was able to brush off not spending those days together….I’ll be the first to say I knew what was to come marrying someone in the Navy.  BUT spending so much time apart never gets easier, I don’t think you ever get used to it. You just make it work and put a smile on your face….I’m sure that smile will get bigger with each kiddo we have… thats my job as military wife and mom!

Kale… Blakely and I are so lucky to have you… you are extremely loving, hardworking and selfless…we love you more than you’ll ever know.

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Love Yourself… 4 Ways To Calm Your Soul


Dress: Target            Shoes: Dr Scholls

I was in North Park picking up a few items and I saw this wall at Artelexia, this statement is so true and just perfect for this post. Being a mom (of just one) I find myself always in go mode, or beating myself up about how to a better mom or wife. Sometimes I feel like my mind is going nonstop and it just won’t shut off. And whats crazy is I am not even working full time right now, I have so much respect for mamas out there who are doing it all. I am just the type of person that is super anxious, I have struggled with it my WHOLE life so I am constantly trying to control it and keep my mind calm. I wanted to share a few of the things that I do to help calm my soul and mind (besides pray)!

Bath time withDr. Teals Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Bundle – 1 Relax & Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint 3lbs and 1 Sooth & Sleep Lavender 3lbs“> Dr Teals Epsom Salts is one of my favorite ways to slow down and calm my mind and body. I found Epsom salts baths about 5 years ago because of some hip issues…. hip pain plus anxiety creates for a tight and tense body. I am not joking after 20 minutes soaking in Dr. Teals Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Bundle – 1 Relax & Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint 3lbs and 1 Sooth & Sleep Lavender 3lbs“> Dr Teals Epsom Salts my body is so much looser and relaxed. I wish I could take a bath every night but I just don’t have the time!

Yoga time with the Tone it up Ladies  is something I do weekly to help relax and get a great stretch.

Take a nap… this is the hardest one for me because it takes me time to wind down. But it is said that taking a 90 min nap can be super restorative to the body and mind, and it also improves your spirit, memory, and focus.

Lets be honest…..there is nothing better and more relaxing than curling up on the couch after the baby is asleep with a nice big glass of Sauvignon Blanc …..while watching Wheel of Fortune (yes, thats right… I’m old and loveee the Fortune)

Everyone has things they can do to help their soul and mind feel more content, take time and give yourself a little love this week! And please take time to Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Things I’m glad I knew before having a C-Section

I have been wanting to write this post for awhile but I have been putting it off because there is just so much information to share with you. First I should tell you I had a little bit of an advantage going into my c-section being a nurse, but I don’t specialize in woman’s health so a lot of things were new to me as well. I want to share with you things I knew and/or learned throughout my journey so if you windup needing to have a c-section you don’t feel completely helpless, and overwhelmed with whats to come. I’m also sharing my personal photos leading up to and even in the c-section in hopes to take away some of the fear that comes with having a c-section, for me it was best (meeting B) and easiest day of my life.


How can I prepare my body for the C-Section- As a nurse I knew that the pubic area is going to need to be shaved and prepped for surgery. They will help you shave prior to surgery or for me I felt more comfortable taking care of that at home by myself. Another issue post c-section is that constipation. I hear SOOO many woman tell me how awful pooping was post vaginal birth/c-section. I addressed this early on in my pregnancy with my doctor and my little trick (**Obviously, I’m not a doctor so talk to your doctor and get their approval before starting any medication**) was to take 1-2 Colace (stool softener) 1/2 weeks prior to surgery. This was a lifesaver for me and saved me from being in a lot of pain post baby. Lastly,

ONE VERY IMPORTANT TIP during the prepping stage. ***  there’s controversy and studies happening around this next tip but I am still going to tell you  about it and then you can research it and have a chat with your doctor. In the past if you had allergies to shellfish (fish, crab etc)  it was important NOT to be prepped with iodine. IODINE is a solution that is commonly used as a skin disinfectant to prep the skin before surgery. It was said and known in the medical world that people with allergies to shellfish often had a reaction to iodine. Again, talk to your doctor about any ALLERGIES prior to surgery, better safe than sorry! 

Anesthesia tell me EVERYTHING So I’m gonna break this down into simple lingo. TWO main possibilities for anesthesia when having a baby 1. Epidural which is most commonly used in vaginal births, they will leave a tiny catheter( *you can’t feel it or notice it) in your back, that way you will receive a constant infusion medication for as long as your labor lasts 2. Spinal (which is what I had) is a one time injection that that kicks in quickly, but will only last a few hours. It was a super weird sensation when it kicked in, from my belly down. Everything was super warm and all of the sudden heavy and numb!

TWO MORE IMPORTANT TIPS to remember…. tell your nurse or anesthesiologist if you are prone to getting nauseous or itchy with anesthesia. If you let them know in PRE OP they will give you a couple medications to combat those. Lastly, you will have a catheter placed because you obviously don’t have control of your bladder when you have your epidural or spinal. I made it known that I wanted it to be placed after the spinal was done, that way I didn’t feel anything. The more you are educated about the c-section process it allows you to be your own ADVOCATE and to be VOCAL about what you want throughout the entire process. The hospital staff will then do their best to accommodate you!

Will I be strapped down?  I asked about this right away because that is something I am not comfortable with, and some doctors do prefer it. I knew that I wanted my hands free because it gave me a sense of control and I could hold my husband hand if I needed too!

What is the incision like? I spoke with my doctor in her office prior to the c-section about what I was hoping for and I was very firm about needing to know all the details regarding the incision. There are a few different types of incisions, so it is important to clarify what your doctors prefers. I had a super low transverse aka horizontal incision. This is what I asked for probably 100 times, give me as “LOW and SMALL” incision. Also remember to get the 411 on your stitches…. I think that was the oddest part of my incision, I could feel the dissolvable stitches under my skin and it was kind of “knotty”. I was soooo worried that I was gonna have a lumpy incision.  My doctor told me that those stitches will dissolve and when she gave me the go ahead I would use light heat and soft massaging of my incision. And after a month or two the incision is perfect and smooth!

ONE MORE TIP: Once I was cleared by my doctor I used Scarguard MD 0.5 fl oz“>Scar guard to help my incision scar be as minimal and flat as possible. Scarguard MD 0.5 fl oz“>Scar Guard  definitely helped my scar flatten out and I think it is worth the $25.00.

Can I do skin to skin with my baby in the OR?  This was the hardest part about having a c-section, letting go of that image of snuggling and holding my baby right away. As you can see from the photo they let Blakely stay cheek to cheek with me for 10-15 mins after the birth, while the doctor was still working on me. I still was able to hold her and to be honest it was the most special moment of my life, I am tearing up just writing this. So work with your doctor and the nurses at the hospital to come up with a plan to have some form of skin-to-skin contact. It is said that skin- skin between moms and babies directly following birth has a ton of benefits, including an increased likelihood of breastfeeding success. unnamed-10.jpgunnamed-9.jpgImage 5.jpg

These are just a few of the main concerns and tips I learned from my c-section. I encourage ALL mamas even if they aren’t planning on having a c-section to still be educated on the process, talk to your doctor about everything. You never know what will happen and it is better to educated yourself so you can be prepared for both a vaginal or a c- section. If you have an questions please leave me comment of DM me on Instagram, I am an open book and always willing to chat about this.

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