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Whitney here the women behind of Positively Posie! I love sharing my personal style, everything motherhood related, and lots of fitness & fashion tips and trends. I’m married to the most amazing man, and mama to a little girl named Blakely.

Life has been crazy the last two years, here is a quick timeline of my life. May 2015– got married. June 2015– quit my nursing job and moved to Guam. July 2015– found out we were pregnant. August 2015– due to being a high risk pregnancy I moved back to Arizona. December 2015– bought a house in San Diego. April 2016– Blakely was born. May 2016– we finally moved to San Diego as a family. Now in 2018 we are living and loving life in San Diego, California!

Being a wife and a mom is truly incredible, two of the best things that have ever happened to me. However, with all the amazing craziness in my life, I’ve felt like I lost a little bit of myself.  I knew that needed a outlet where I could pour my creativity, heart and life. This is that place for me! My hope is that Positively Posie can be a place of community and inspiration for women! It’s 2018- it’s time to build each other up as women and empower and inspire each other. Positively Posie is dedicated to just that…positivity, fashion, fitness, beauty and motherhood!