WTF is a lash lift? My thoughts exactly.

Eyelashes just like eyebrows they play a huge role on the face. And I’m positive that most of us are constantly searching for next best thing to help them look longer and fuller! Rating my lashes on a scale of 0-10, I feel like I have always been on the upper end at like a 7. I definitely have a good amount of lashes, and they more curled than straight– it’s always been more of a length issue. So I’ve tried eyelashes extensions which totally ruined my lashes, used lash serums but never a lift. So when I heard about the trendy eyelash lift (aka lash perm), I really wanted to try it to see if it would give me a fuller look.  

When I got the opportunity to try it out last February at High Brow Beauty’s  I said “HELL YES”. I’m so excited to share my experience, so lets get into the details.

Located in downtown San Diego. High Brow Beauty offers Brow DesignEye Lash Extensions, Keratin Lash Lift, Waxing, Sugaring and a variety of Facials.

Keratin Lash Lifts are supposedly way safer and less invasive way than using eyelash extensions. You get darker and curlier lashes that last up to 8-12 weeks.

The Process

The way the lash lift starts is: you lie down and pads are placed on the lower lashes to keep them out of the way. Then a silicon pad is placed on the top lashes, it is used almost like a curling iron. The shape of the rod helps give that super curled looked and helps to protect your eyes. At high brow beauty they use a keratin pigment infusion and the lashes are brushed with the mixture and left to marinate for a little bit. The whole process didn’t hurt but my eyes are super sensitive so I was a little uncomfortable for me.

High Brow Beauty- Eyelash Lift

The Results 

When we finished everything was peeled off and the results showed darker and lifted eyelashes. My immediate reaction was “eehhh I don’t see a big difference” I wasn’t blown away with the results. It’s not the same reaction I had after my first set of eyelash extensions: immediate selfie. Like I said I have sensitive eyes so the keratin formula definitely irritated my eyes and the surrounding skin. 

Is it Worth it?

 A typical lash lift is roughly $150 (depending on where you go) and it only last 8 weeks. If you have are looking for more fullness and length a eyelash lift isn’t for you, if you have straight lashes who are always needing to curl this is for you. Personally, the lash dried my lashes out gave them WAY to much curl. I am sticking with a good eyelash tint and eyelash serum to help give my dreamy full Kim K lashes. 

Lash Must Haves:

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