4 Things To Help Avoid Stretch Marks While Pregnant


Unfortunately, there is no miracle cream that prevents stretch marks.  Research is showing that genetics play a role in who gets stretch marks, also gaining lots of weight quickly or woman having twins/triples increase the chances because your belly has to stretch to accommodate those babies. When I found out I was pregnant with Blakely I knew that there was a good chance I would see some new stretch marks. I have a few stretches marks already on the sides of my thighs from having a HUGE growth spurt in 8th grade ( 5’6″- 5’11” over the summer).  So I immediately did some research on the best ways to prevent stretch marks while pregnant, and I implemented these FOUR things into my lifestyle to help prevent them. I’m here to say I didn’t get ONE new stretch mark while pregnant. Check out the 4 things to do to avoid stretch marks while pregnant!

Moisturize: I wouldn’t say I’m the best at moisturizing daily, but staying moisturized while pregnant definitely helped alleviate any itchy skin (a symptom of stretch marks). I found that later in my pregnancy my skin felt tighter (obviously) and at times itchy. So I knew it was time to lather up my skin and I used a couple products depending on my nausea. Bio-Oil is what I used most of my pregnancy, it has a mild smell and gave me lots of moisture. Another product I used and is more of a lotion if you don’t like oils is Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks by Spoiled Mama. Every morning and night I would LATHER up my belly, thighs, breasts anywhere that you are gaining weight or stretching that skin needs moisture.

Eating Healthy: I already have a pretty clean diet, so I knew going into pregnancy that I wanted to maintain that same diet and increase calories gradually as specified by my doctor (which wasn’t easy for me having morning sickness my whole pregnancy). As a nurse I know that amount of food a woman needs during pregnancy is dependent on a variety of things. For ALOT of people the topic of food and weight gain can be very touchy (myself included) so remember to face it head on with your doctor and come up with a plan. I believe because I gradually gained weight throughout my pregnancy I was able to keep those stretch marks away.

Hydate: This was the hardest one for me to stick too, especially going into my third trimester with that baby sitting on my bladder. But I did my best to drink 1-2 liters of water daily. Remember the more hydrated your skin is the less likely to develop stretch marks. We want to hydrate the inside just as much as the outside!

Workout and Stretch: My workout routine while pregnant also helped me to maintain that steady weight gain while pregnant. I will admit to you my doctor did have a “chat” with me to keep me in line when it came to working out. She told me that pregnancy exercise can vary from my routine before I was pregnant so I needed to be aware of how hard I was pushing myself. Most exercises done prior to becoming pregnant are safe to continue during your pregnancy, but body the body can react differently so just to be aware of any aches and pains. For most exercise while pregnant is beneficial and can help with constipation, backaches as well as increase your mood and self esteem. Here is a link to some FREE online videos I used while pregnant.

I hope this information is beneficial or just a good reminder of things you can do while pregnant to better protect your beautiful skin!

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