Best Cardio Workout Videos Online

Relax, unwind.pngGuys, like I have told you before I am a big fan of at home workouts. I don’t have the energy to pack up my kid everyday and head to the gym and a gym membership today can be very expensive. The truth is you don’t need the gym, because of the internet you can find workout videos to help get you ready for Summer!

All you need is space in your home where you can move and sweat, a computer, yoga mat, and to kick it up a notch 3-7 lbs weights. If you are just beginning or like me ( I have a bad hip) they often show modifications for many of the exercises, so use them if you need too!  Get moving and torch those calories!

Hopefully this is helpful and a fun way for you guys to burn some calories, I really have fallen in love with PopSugar at home workouts! Let me know if you have any favorite at home workouts, I am always up for trying something new!


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