Lets Talk About Hair Extensions– Klix Hair Extensions

IMG-0953.jpgThis post has been a long time coming, I am beyond excited to share with you all my knowledge and love for hair extensions.

This post is primarily going to focus on leave in “moveable” extensions and my favorite brand is KLIX.  I know, I know “clip in ” extensions are super popular these days but I am NOT a fan. I personally don’t want to have to take them out and put them in each day. I’ve learned that if you purchase the right hair extensions (that are safe on your hair ) and they are placed correctly you won’t deal with all the common extensions complaints.

OKAY, the questions I get about my hair are almost always the same, so I figured I could just answer them all in one post.

How Long Have I Used Hair Extensions and Why KLIX? I’ve been using Klix extensions for about 10 years now. They are awesome because the application is easy and safe, and unlike Tape in extensions I can use the same batch of hair for almost a YEAR. YES, that’s right people I don’t have to buy new hair every time I need them moved up.   It takes about an hour or two to place them, depending on how much hair you are using. Then every 8 weeks I get them moved up, and that takes 30-45 mins.

Do you have damaged hair from using extensions? No, I don’t think so. Klix doesn’t use heat, glue, tape, and no removal chemicals leaving behind no breakage.

Can you really brush you hair? Yes, I can! Obviously when you brush it  differently but I can totally give my hair a good brushing. My ALL- TIME favorite brush that is posted below.

 Do you ever have any that slip out? NO- – Seriously with my Klix extensions I have never had an issue with much slippage. If you move them up every 8 weeks you shouldn’t have a problem with slipping.

The number one question is I get asked is can you feel The Weft or beads? The klix weft is pretty much undetectable and very must skin like. It is attached to your hair with silicone lined micro-links that protect your natural hair. No I don’t notice the beads at all, the day I get a new set of extensions in my head is sore. Just because you now have a little clamp on a piece of your hair and you just have to get used to it.

Basically guys I’m freaking obsessed with KLIX. I am still able to pull my hair back in a ponytail, or even top knot, pretty much wear it any way (+ check out my favorite styles here). I want to show you the process of how they are put in so I just had a new 22 inch set put in last week and took photos of the process.

Disclaimer: Your girl needed to get her hair colored ASAP, so in these photos my roots are so dark– SORRY not cute! I always use a duo color which has a highlight and lowlight colors, this helps blend everything perfectly! But you can see in the 3rd photo I literally colored everything a few days later!



My Favorite Products

favorite extension produces

Great Lengths Paddle Brush by ACCA KAPPA

 Pureology hydrate

 909 Hair Care Set 

Do you guys wear extensions or have a favorite brand, let me know in the comments!

xo- Whitney

+If you are interest in Klix extensions and are located in Southern California call Tiana  858-344-6909

+If you like my color and are located in Scottsdale, AZ call Kelli 480-688-7130

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